Monday, March 1, 2010

Kidney Donation (with a difference...)

Okay, so I know these are kind of weird cookies.

But one of my most gorgeous friends was diagnosed a while ago with cancer on one of her kidneys, and as a result she has recently had the affected kidney removed. Now, she and her children have long been fans of my cookies, so I thought they would be a nice little gift for the family upon my friend's return from hospital. Oh, did I mention the lady has a sense of humour? So I gave her a dozen of these:-

They thought they were hilarious.

Luckily, the cancer was not an aggressive type, and it would appear that it was all removed successfully during the operation - hooray! So this post goes to my dear friend - you know who you are - we are all wishing you the speediest recovery ever, sweetheart!

(oh, and on a technical note, unfortunately this is NOT the most photogenic of the kidney cookies - all the good ones got wrapped up in the gift box before I remembered to take a pic - sigh!)


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