Monday, November 15, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday - The Food Pyramid

This week's theme for Muffin Tin Monday was "The Food Pyramid / Nutrition". As I have never introduced The Muffin to the idea of the Food Pyramid before, I thought the Pyramid theme sounded more fun than just a healthier-than-usual lunch.

So here is my take on the Food Pyramid theme:
Bottom row: Carrot circles (flushed with my first success last week); Vegemite sandwiches; same again; grapes. (ie. Wholegrains, vegies, fruit)
Middle row: Natural yoghurt with a little lime juice & salt added (for dipping carrots); egg poached directly in the silicon cupcake liner (oh wow, this is the coolest idea EVER). (ie. Dairy & protein)
Top row: Contents of a fun-size box of Smarties. (ie. Sometimes-foods)

I also printed out a picture of a simple version of the Food Pyramid that I found on the web, and while we prepared and ate our lunch we discussed which types of food are good for us, which ones we should only eat occasionally, etc. The Muffin enjoyed comparing the Food Pyramid picture with her lunch version, and spotting the foods she was eating on the picture.

Can You Spot The Irony: I know, I know, the theme is about being healthy, and my daughter ate a whole box of Smarties. Which seems A Bit Weird. The thing is, I actually wanted to put some kind of sweetie in this one so that I could make the point about there being less of those than of other types of food. And the Smarties were from a birthday party loot bag she got recently, so I figured she would have eaten them eventually anyway.

The after shot:

The Muffin ate almost everything, but left half her egg, as it was overcooked. "I like my eggs runny, mummy. This one is hard." Yeah, I couldn't blame her really. Poached eggs are an art form that I have not mastered at all. I'm getting better with them - occasionally I even produce The Perfect Poached Egg. But clearly not today.

Anyway, if you want to check out what Muffin Tin Meals were made by other mummies today, head on over to Muffin Tin Mom's blog - why not even join the fun next week?


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love how you made your pyramid! I like my eggs runny too.

Ludicrous Mama said...

My friend poaches our eggs by putting water in the pan with the eggs and covering it. I'm not that sophisticated, so I try mine over-easy, which usually turns out to be over-the-edge-of-the-pan-and-running-everywhere. But my daughter loves hers 'runny' too (she calls them "dipping eggs" because I slice toast top-to-bottom into 4 'fingers' and we use those to dip into the yolks.)
Love the idea of cooking it IN the muffin liner though! I had wanted to incorporate and egg into my pyramid, but couldn't figure out how to get an over-easy egg in there without busting it up (if I even succeeded in making one in the first place!)

alison said...

so pretty those smarties! I would have eaten them right away too! Its 4 pm and my son is finally munching on his... he's just not a big eater..

Leesa said...

Doing the poached egg in the silicone muffin tin IS a fantastic idea! I love how you actually made a pyramid out of it. Congrats on her eating nearly everything!

SnoopyGirl said...

Your meal is so colorful and I love the pretty flower muffin cups! Nice work my dear! BTW... mine go for the dessert too, and usually first!

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