Friday, January 8, 2010

Three Months of Cake

Wow, I am really bad at this blogging thing...

Yes, it's been almost three months since last I posted, and I guess you're wondering "gee, did the wedding cake turn out THAT bad?!" Well no, it didn't - actually the bride was very happy, so I have not had to go into witness protection or anything of that nature. I've just been lazy. The trouble is, I promised you photos, and like an idiot I forgot to take my camera when I went to set the cake up. Luckily however, I did have my phone, so whilst these may not be the best quality photos ever, at least they're here.

The top cake and most of the individual cakelets were dark chocolate mudcake, the rest of the cakelets were white mudcake. There was also a white mudcake sheet cake, which was cut in the kitchen for the wedding guests to enjoy with their coffee.

Each cake and cakelet was crumb-coated with vanilla buttercream and then covered with white sugarpaste (rolled fondant). The bow and monograms were also made from sugarpaste, dusted with silver lustre.

So that was my second ever wedding cake - it was a lot of work, but in the end I was happy with it, and more importantly, so were the bride and groom!
On to Hallowe'en!

As you may recall, our next-door neighbour and I had decided to co-host a Hallowe'en party, and we had lots of fun making all sorts of delicious spooky treats for it! Here are a few samples:-

Cupcakes with fabulous spiderweb wrappers... shortbread fingers... cream cheese mummy...
spidery jellies... and our piece de resistance - the pannacotta brain with gory cranberry glaze! It might have looked kinda revolting, but damn, it was yummy!
A good time was had by all the witches and ghouls in attendance - including the two-year-old Muffin in her pink fairy costume, who was a bit freaked out by the other costumes until she realised how many lollies were in the house. Then she decided she liked Hallowe'en. A lot.

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