Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kindy Bento for The Muffin

My little girl is growing up...!

She started kindergarten last week, and is loving it. Anyway, today was her first full day (they break them in gently first with a few half days, which is great for kids like The Muffin, who has never been to daycare or anything like that). As it was her first lunch at Kindy, I thought it should be a cute one.

For lunch The Muffin had a salami & cheese sandwich with a penguin cutout (feet & eyes made of bread, beak made of cheese). She apparently ate everything else - grapes, carrot circles and TrueFruit - at morning tea time. (The TrueFruit is a kind of fruit leather. This brand is made of fruit and nothing else - no added sugar or other additives of any kind - so it's my favourite)

She ate it all. And apparently her sandwich was much admired by the child sitting next to her. :o)


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