Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Great Gluten-Free Experiment, Part Two (aka Worst Cookie Photos Ever)

Seriously, these photos were taken under just about the least ideal conditions possible. The cookies are in a plastic box. They are arranged according to how they would fit into said box in one layer, rather than according to how they would look nice. They were taken by me, crouching down on the ground with the box on my lap. Oh Dear.

But you know what? I'm still posting them. Because I was really happy with this set of cookies. I made them for our table to share at my cousin's daughters' dance concert (the seating was Cabaret-style, around tables, with drinks available, etc). And everyone there thought they were yummy - which is awesome, because these cookies were gluten free. I used LilaLoa's chocolate cookie recipe, and just did a straight substitution of gluten free flour for regular flour.


And you know what else? I'm really proud of those little Ballerina Bear cookies, for three reasons: firstly, they were absolutely completely my own idea. This is unusual for me - usually I get inspired by something else - an established character, a pattern I've seen somewhere, a piece of clipart, another cookie design. But this one's all mine. Secondly, because I tried a new (for me) technique on these, and it didn't turn out too badly. See the tutus? They're done with one of those ruffle icing tips, and stiff-ish icing. I think it could use some work, but for my first go, I think they're pretty cool.

(please excuse Ballerina Bear's horrid wrinkly arms. By this time it was two in the morning, and I ran out of flood-consistency brown, and I couldn't face mixing more. At the end of the day, these cookies were eaten in semi-darkness, so I figured noone would notice. Except you, of course.) :o)

And Thirdly, because the inspiration came from the cutter itself. Can you see what it is? I haven't bent the cutter at all...

Yes! It's an Easter Bunny cutter, turned upside down! Having been inspired by Sweet Sugarbelle's crazy-creative use of cutters, I've been trying to be a bit more creative with my own. The Muffin and I sometimes get some cutters out and play a game of "What Else Could We Make With This Cutter?" This game is quite fun through the eyes of a four-year-old, and it's forcing me to think creatively, too.

Hope that you're having a good week (and that your photos are turning out better than mine!)


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