Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday - Two For The Price Of One!

In our house, we Never Ever miss a Muffin Tin Monday. It's just too much fun (and The Muffin does remember!) However, we do get busy. So sometimes I do miss a Muffin Tin Monday linkup. Like last week. Sorry about that.

But the good news is, that means this week you get Two Muffin Tins For The Price Of One!

First, last week's tin. The Muffin has been quite interested lately in the idea of Disneyland. I can't quite remember why we started talking about it, but I ended up showing her my photos of when I went there, and she was fascinated. And then, the contestants on Junior Masterchef got taken to Disneyland, and that was it. She was hooked. We had an elaborate Sylvanian Families Disneyland set up all over the lounge room for a week, complete with "Splash Mountain" (a slide made with pillows down from the lounge), "Sleeping Beauty's Castle" (Zhu Zhu pet castle), "Big Thunder Mountain Railroad" (a small train set with Megabloks "mountain" in the middle), and the list goes on. Okay, I'll admit it - it was actually kind of awesome. I had fun too. :o)

Anyway, so last week's Muffin Tin just had to be Disneyland themed:

Top Row: Banana person (this was not part of the theme. I had run out of ideas at this stage, so I shoved some sultana eyes in half a banana and said "look, this naughty banana person has jumped into your Disneyland tin!" She thought this was hysterical, and kept shrieking "Oh dear, what a naughty banana person!"); Peach Big Thunder Mountain (yes, I know. Rather a lot of imagination required); Mickey head shape made from a tiny choc chip cookie and two mini licorice allsort circles.

Bottom Row: Mickey Mouse and Daisy Duck head Vegemite sandwiches; Yoghurt with red, white and blue stars (we talked about these being the colours of the American flag, and that Disneyland was in America); Mickey Mouse head pikelets (with sultana eyes & nose, and Gourmet Writer mouth).

Here's a closeup of Mickey and Daisy:

I have a Disney cookie press kit, bought by my mother a thousand years ago at Disneyland, so I used a couple of the cookie stamps to cut these sandwiches out, then added sultana and Gourmet Writer details.

So it wasn't the most elaborate Disney tin - it was kind of a last-minute idea - but she loved it. As evidenced by The After Shot:

But wait, there's more!

This week's tin has a Seasons theme. The Muffin helped me come up with ideas for this one:

Top Row: Summer - Pancake Sun (with maple syrup hiding underneath in a little cup); Winter - Popcorn Snow; Spring - Fairy bread Flower with mini M&M centre.

Bottom Row: Summer - fresh Peaches (which are only available in Summer here); Winter - Yoghurt Snow with blue sanding sugar Frost; Autumn - Cheese Leaves.

Yes, I am very aware of the irony of teaching my daughter to associate Winter primarily with snow, when we live in Western Australia (where it has literally never snowed at ground level. Very rarely we may get a tiny bit on our highest mountains, and it melts virtually immediately). But the thing is, snow is so much easier to represent with food than rain is, and I was feeling lazy. We did talk about the fact that we don't get snow here.

The After Shot:

If you'd like to check out what other mums did this week, head on over to The Muffin Tin Mom's blog. Why not make one yourself next week? (hey, you don't even have to have a kid....!) :o)


Candy Girl said...

Ha, I love the naughty banana! What fun tins :)

kewkew said...

What great muffin tin meals. I got a kick out of your naughty banana person. And the seasons meal is great!!

lisa9999 said...

Great tins. I am taking my middle son to Disneyland Paris this weekend. He would love a Disneyland themed tin.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

How fantastic that you made Disneyland at home. And your tin is cute too. We like angry and naughty bananas here.

Michelle, Muffin Tin Mom said...

Wow! I love all the detail you put into it! Awesome job!

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