Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday - Blue

Colours of the Rainbow series continues. THERE ARE NO BLUE FOODS - AAAURGH!!! (well, except blueberries...)

So this time we have a treat-heavy snack tin - hey, it doesn't hurt once in a while, I guess...

Top Row: Thinking laterally: not coloured blue, but pancake letters spelling the word blue - sandwiched together with 100%-fruit-no-added-sugar apricot jam.

Bottom Row: Yoghurt with blue sanding sugar; jelly made with grape juice, lime juice, a little blue food colouring, and one of those "create your own flavour" packs of jelly crystals; Frozen blueberries.

The Muffin didn't really like the jelly much - she only ate about a third of it. I asked if it was the flavour (which incidentally I thought was yummy), or if she just wasn't keen on any jelly. She said she just wasn't keen on any jelly. (seriously, what child doesn't like jelly???) (by the way, note to American readers: when I say "jelly", I mean what you would probably call "jello") :o)

To see what (no doubt much healthier) tins other mums did this week, go check out The Muffin Tin Mom's blog.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

The lunch looks like it went over big. I love the way you spelled out blue.

kathleen said...


Good Day, I really love this post.very intersting


Ludicrous Mama said...

Blue corn chips, bleu cheese (although most kids probably wouldn't like it,) cook rice in blue food-coloring water, and apparently there are blue potatoes, grapes and plums. Plus you could hard boil an egg, make cracks in the shell, then soak it in blue water, but that might look creepy. Maybe just a blue-dyed shell.

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