Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lolly Shop Cupcakes!

The Muffin and I decorated these for our cousin's 10th birthday party, and christened them "Lolly Shop Cupcakes"!

There are Freckle cupcakes (no frosting, just melted chocolate spread on thinly and covered with 100s & 1000s), twisty marshmallow cupcakes (with pink cherry flavoured buttercream frosting), Jelly Belly jelly bean cupcakes (with lemon buttercream frosting), Mini M&M cupcakes (with chocolate buttercream frosting), and Mini Licorice Allsort cupcakes (with chocolate buttercream frosting). The cupcakes themselves are light and fluffy lemon cake.



Sarah :) said...

I think I've died and gone to Heaven - these look like something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! How on Earth did you make cherry flavoured frosting?! I must know your secrets!

Sugary Flower said...

Well. Actually the cherry flavoured frosting is really not that impressive - I just used a couple of drops of artificial "cherry liqueur" flavouring. Usually I like to use real flavours in my baking (eg adding a little pureed raspberry makes a great raspberry frosting). But cherry's a bit more time-consuming, and this was a bit of a rush job. The truth is though, it was actually really really yummy!

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