Thursday, January 26, 2012

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

It's Australia Day! The Muffin has been wanting to make the next recipe in her ABC of Kids Cooking book, and it just happened to be "L is for Lamingtons," so we decided today was the day!

The origin of the lamington is hotly debated (particularly between Aussies and our friends from New Zealand!) - for several interesting versions of its origin, go here.

But no matter where the original lamington was created, and whether it was an accident or a burst of inspiration, Aussies have been happily munching on them for decades, and claiming them as our own.

They are super messy to make, but lots of fun!

To make your own lamingtons, you will need some sponge cake (traditional), or butter cake (increasingly showing up in recipe books). This is cut into cubes, and dipped into a thin chocolate icing before being dredged in coconut. The recipe I used today can be found on the Woman's Day website (they produced the cookbook).

Whether you are spending the day having a barbecue, watching the fireworks, or just eating yummy lamingtons and trying to keep cool, I hope you are doing so with friends and family.

Happy Australia Day!


sugarswings said...

these look yummy! i love anything coconut!

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