Monday, January 3, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday On A Stick

There was going to be Muffin Tin Monday last week.
There was also going to be awesome New-Years-Eve-themed decorated cookies.
For that matter, there was going to be a New Years Eve party.

There wasn't.

What there was, instead, was fever, vomiting and extreme fatigue on the part of the Muffin, and stress and general sleep deprivation on the part of everyone else. There was even a trip to the hospital, because it turns out that most doctors surgeries shut down between Christmas & New Year, and therefore any that were open were completely booked out. In the end it turned out she just had a tummy virus, and I must say I did feel a bit of an idiot taking her into the emergency department, but it was literally the only way we could get to see a doctor. And she really wasn't well At All. Indeed, she has only just started really getting better (Fingers Crossed) in the last day or two.

All of which means that whilst Muffin Tin Monday was decidedly off the menu last week, this week it was back. This week's theme is "Food Picks, Skewers & Kebabs". As I do not own any funky bento equipment, we went the skewer option. Here is our tin for this week:

Top Row: 3 jellybeans on a toothpick (plus extra grapes); fruit skewers with apple, nectarine, and apparently not enough grapes; cheese & Vegemite elephant sandwiches.

Bottom Row: Sausage circles and cucumber hearts; yoghurt & lemon juice dip; more elephants.

I must say this is not my most attractive-looking tin ever. The Muffin loved my elephants though:

(and if you're wondering, yes I did feel a bit odd about impaling them through the head. This thought apparently did not occur to my daughter. Which can only be deemed a Good Thing.)

The After Shot:
She only ate one cucumber heart, and that under sufferance. But then, she has been sick, so one can't expect miracles. I was quite surprised the ate this much, actually - she must be getting better...
Anyway, hope everyone had a better New Years Eve than we did! What did you do? (I want to live vicariously!) Now I'm off to bake a cake - yes! there will, believe it or not, be cake on this ostensibly cake-themed blog once again!! Like, soon!!!! (oh yeah - and go here to check out this week's other Muffin Tin Meals)


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the elephant. I don't have fancy picks either. I went with a New Year's theme.

varunner said...

Glad she's doing better. That elephant is totally adorable!

Robbins Zoo said...

It looks like your tin was well recieved. :o) Happy New Year.

SnoopyGirl said...

Great meal! I love the elephant! Happy New Year!

Ludicrous Mama said...

I love the elephants! I especially love the close-up photo! And no, it's not weird to skewer them through the head. I stick picks through sandwich animals' behinds, hat picks into heads, whatever works. My poor marshmallow snowman had so many things sticking into him... Not to mention my 'spear-headed' olive penguins!

kewkew said...

I really hope everyone is on the mend. Such a rotten time of year to be sick (been there done that numerous times). Your elephants are adorable!

Sugary Flower said...

Thanks everyone!
Hee hee - Ludicrous Mama, your penguins were gorgeous - I actually made some one dinnertime & The Muffin was ecstatic. Mine had quite the droopy tummies though, as Muffin is not a fan of cream cheese so I tried to use aoli!
kewkew - at least she wasn't sick Christmas Day. That would REALLY have sucked!

Melissa said...

The elephant is to die for! Happy MTM. :o)

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