Monday, April 25, 2011

Bunny Ear Cupcakes

Okay, so "tomorrow" (meaning Saturday) didn't exactly happen, did it? Sorry about that. But here are the cupcakes anyway!

Firstly, I would like to point out that these are not in any way an original idea of mine. I copied this idea directly from Callye of Sweet Sugarbelle (who is a cookie genius, and whose blog you should check out immediately if you haven't already). Her version can be found here:

The first step is to make the bunnies' ears. These are made by using a bunny-face cookie cutter, and then removing the head part from the ears before baking. Then half a popstick was "glued" to the back of each with stiff royal icing.

You know when you have what you think it an absolutely brilliant idea, and you go ahead and do it, and then afterward it occurs to you that anyone with a brain would have realised beforehand that There Was No Way This Was Going To Work? Well. For these cupcakes, I had the brilliant idea to bake a marshmallow in to each cake, thinking how lovely it would be to have a little pocket of pink marshmallow inside each one. I even tried two different construction methods, carefully documenting each one so I (and you) could decide which gave the best result:

Half the marshmallows were just poked in, and the other half were buried in cake mixture.

In the end (as you may very well have guessed) it made very little difference. The marshmallow in fact soaked completely into the cake, causing quite a pleasant overall flavour, but no cute pink pocket of marshmallow. Yeah.... I probably should have guessed that would happen... I imagine the result I was actually going for could be acheived by baking the cupcakes as normal, then removing a small scoop of cake from the top and poking a marshmallow in whilst the cake is still warm. I'll try that next time and tell you how it goes...

Anyway, they were still yummy.

And they were still awfully cute.

Oh, and the cupcake wrapper template I got from here: It's an easy to use, just-print-and-cut-out template, with no photoshop or Other Messing About With Computers.

And then the finishing touch is a cutey-patootie little strategically placed cotton ball:

Bunny bottoms! Squee!

Happy Easter everyone!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love his ears. This cupcake is super cute.

I just cut out the bunny with a cookie cuter,put the cheese on bread, and placed them in my toaster oven.

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