Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Cookies

So here are (most of) the rest of my Easter cookies this year. I decided to go for a pastel pinky-type colour scheme this year. For my bunnies, I wanted to try doing two different designs from the one cutter - this is what I came up with:

I would have liked the detail on these to be a bit more delicate, but unfortunately my smallest piping tip is a number 2, and this is a smallish cutter - not a mini, but not a great big one either. Maybe I'll get some smaller tips for my birthday this year...

And here are The Muffin's favourites - my chicky cookies:

The design for these was inspired by a picture I saw in a craft magazine lately (I think it was papercraft - maybe a greeting card or something?) I thought it was adorable, and that it would make a cute cookie.

The cookies themselves? The bunnies are all lime and coconut sugar cookies (a combination that I just love). To make these delicious cookies, just add the zest of 2 limes, and 1/4 cup finely chopped shredded coconut to your usual sugar cookie recipe. As a result, you will find your dough is probably a little drier than usual when you mix it. Add the juice of half a lime, and mix briefly again. If it still a bit dry, add the juice of the other half. Chill it before rolling out.

The chickies-in-eggs are white chocolate sugar cookies - these are nice, but the lime ones are better.

And a group shot:

Tomorrow: cupcakes!


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