Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday - Chickens C.O.O.E.

I had issues posting this week, due to an unforeseen computer update (grrr...) but it's all sorted now, so let's just pretend it's still Monday, and press on:-

The Muffin was very specific about what the theme of today's Eastery Muffin Tin was to be: "Chickens Cracking Out Of Eggs".

So here we go:

Top Row: Corn (for the chickens to eat); Grape "eggs" with a hen pick "sitting" on them; Easter Egg cookie made & decorated by The Muffin. The cookie was baked in half like this - I was informed that "the chicken has cracked out of its egg already". So we thought it would be a good addition to this tin.

Bottom Row: Cheese chicks; Nest; Apple chicks.

The nest was constructed from a rice cake, spread with pureed pineapple and topped with toasted coconut. In retrospect, the pureed pineapple was not the best choice, as it made the rice cake soggy. The Muffin said it still tasted nice, but she asked for a spoon to eat it with. :o) And she had fun putting the little cheese and apple chickies in it...

As you can see, the apple chicks (the one at the back of the nest) have a bit of a washed-out look to them. The Gourmet Writer didn't work too well on the apple, but it was great on the cheese:

The After Shot:

Clearly corn is much more acceptable when it is real corn on the cob, as opposed to frozen corn out of a bag. Can't say I blame her.

There was a good deal of narrative that accompanied the eating of this snack. The Muffin described at length what was happening at all times ("this chicken is now going out to buy an Easter present for that one. That one is staying home with its daddy" *chomp*)

To see what other mummies did this week, go to The Muffin Tin Mom's blog.


Krissy @ B.Inspired said...

OMGosh! Those chicks are too cute. I've been eyeing up those ghost writer pens. I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and get me some! Thanks for visiting me at B.Inspired Vintage. :)

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