Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quick Easter Bento

This is what The Muffin had for dinner on Sunday night - because after the day's festivities, a real dinner Just Wasn't Necessary.

Fresh pear (with a hen pick), chocolate chicken out of her Easter present stash, grapes, chicky-and-flower-shaped Vegemite sandwiches.

This was the perfect end to a fun day - The Muffin said "Mummy that was the Best Dinner Ever." Not sure what that says about my cooking, but hey.


Christina said...

Very cute! I love the details you drew on the chicks, too. :)

Thanks for commenting on my post! Boxed mashed potatoes are liked dried potato flakes that you add water or milk and butter to and heat up. I haven't made that again since I made fresh mashed potatoes for the first time, though!

Anonymous said...

I must try Vegemite again some day, I think it might be an acquired taste, like Natto? The tins are so interesting, I've never seen that concept before.

Happy Belated Easter

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