Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Heart Bento

This was The Muffin's kindy lunch yesterday:-

Heart shaped ham sandwiches; Grapes in a heart-shaped silicon cupcake liner; Babybel cheese with a heart cut out; Apple.

I cut the green apple in half, cored it, then used the same small icing cutter that I used on the Babybel to make a couple of little heart shapes. I then used a paring knife to remove the skin from the little hearts and rubbed the exposed surface with a little lemon juice to stop it going feral. Next I did the same thing to a red apple, removed the little red apple skin hearts, and inserted them into the holes in the green apple.

My original plan was to make the two apple halves the same, each with one central red heart. Luckily I did one and looked at it before cutting into the other. At this point it became clear to me that my daughter could not possibly go to kindy with green boobs in her lunchbox. Hmm. What is it with the naughty food this week?? Anyway, slight design change = sorted. :o)

Everything was eaten. I am linking this to What's For Lunch Wednesday - go and check out the (in a lot of cases much more creative) other entries!


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