Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cookies For A Special Teenager

One of my cousin's daughters turns 13 today - Happy Birthday, C! So I made these to take to her birthday party the other night. (sorry - they're not the best photos. Light issues.)

Hearts, nail polish and funky flowers - and glittery shoes and music because she's a dancer.

Interestingly, in the main photo you can see the white outlines peeking out a little from underneath the black - and it looks kind of messy and not great. The funny thing is, I did this deliberately, and I thought it looked kind of groovy in real life.

These two photos show the effect a little better.

The music cookies were inspired by a design of Sweet Sugarbelle's (see hers here - they're much better than mine!)

More baking coming up for me this week - it's a pretty busy time of year for us!


Jen said...

they look great! I love the effect

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