Monday, May 16, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday - The Pony Tin That Wasn't Really

So it's Muffin Tin Monday again, and The Muffin requested a Pony themed tin. "Hooray" I thought. "This Will Be Easy". I even had one lone leftover packet of My Little Pony cookies from that party we had - oh, ages ago. Cool. And then some hearts and flowers, and it'll be All Good.

But it turns out that "oh, ages ago" really actually was quite a long time ago, come to think of it. And that packet of My Little Pony cookies had turned really nasty. Ew. Bin. Okaaaay, so we still have a pony cookie cutter. And nothing else particularly ponyish. Hmmm...

So anyway, It's Muffin Tin Monday! And with promises of a more pony-themed pony theme another day, here is today's tin:

Top Row: Cucumber hearts; Leftover cauliflower macaroni cheese; Apple hearts.

Bottom Row: Vegemite sandwich Pony (with sprinkle hair - yes, I know - try not to think about Vegemite & sugary sprinkles together - ew); Natural yoghurt with sprinkles; Carrot flowers.

Here is a closeup of the one and only Pony that made it into the tin:

The After Shot:

I received some Very Dark Looks over the cucumber. "Don't put that in! I don't like it!" Then she asked what it was. I said "it's cucumber". She said "I knew it was either cucumber or guzzini". (This sooo makes me giggle. Zucchini is the only word The Muffin does a kiddie mispronunciation of, and it's too cute - Husband and I have taken to calling it guzzini ourselves on occasion). She ate two pieces under sufferance.

As for the macaroni cheese, The Muffin does actually like this - it's a Jamie Oliver recipe (from 30 Minute Meals), and it's the best macaroni cheese In The World. You should definitely try it. It bears very little resemblance at all to "normal" mac & cheese, but it's dead yummy. The Muffin will not eat cauliflower in any other form, but she will eat this. This particular batch I over-garlicked Ever So Slightly, to the point where The Muffin said "Mummy this has got a bit too much garlic in it; it is making my mouth hot." Oops. I kind of have a cold I'm trying to kill off. It's not supposed to be that garlicky, really. She did eat some though (and a whole bowl of it last night for dinner, so clearly she'll eat it if she's hungry, excess garlic notwithstanding).

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Canterbury Cakes said...

Such a cute idea!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Your mac and cheese sounds great! I love your pony.

Hilary said...

I love the sprinkles on the pony- so cute! I am going to check out that Jamie Oliver recipe- he always does great stuff!

Ludicrous Mama said...

Adorable pony! I had to let Z dip her veggies in sugar to get her started on them. Ice cream, frosting, sprinkles - whatever it took to get them into her gob! Then instead of "I don't LIKE [insert veggie here]!" her mindset is that she DOES eat those veggies... with dip. And it got her used to the base flavor (since they have to taste it, like, 12-20 times before they'll "like" it.) She doesn't always want the particular veggie I have in the particular meal I packed it in, but she almost always eats her veggies now! Plain, even!

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