Monday, August 22, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday (and Bonus Bento) - Cinderella!

This week, The Muffin's school is celebrating Book Week. Today, the kids were all invited to go to school dressed as their favourite book character - and of course, The Muffin chose Cinderella.

This is what I sent with her for lunch:

In the top layer, she had strawberries (because princesses get to eat as many strawberries as they want, right?), and dried dates on mouse and dog picks (as these animals appear in the story).
In the bottom layer, dress and sparkly glass slipper sandwiches, both with ham and cheese. Also little birds made from carrot and cheese (again, standard issue Cinderella fauna).

After kindy, it was time for Muffin Tin Monday! Again, I went with the Cinderella theme:

Top Row: Strawberries; Apple slices with hearts cut out; a macaron shell with a line from one of the songs in the Cinderella movie (written on with Gourmet Writers).

Bottom Row: Another sparkly glass slipper sandwich, this time with Vegemite (I know you can't see the edible glitter, but you're just going to have to trust me - it was sparkly); Yoghurt with a few heart sprinkles in Cinderella blue; a Mouse and a Bird carved from string cheese.

I was quite proud of my cheese animals:

The Muffin had especially requested that this tin include a mouse, so I thought cheese might be easiest. Then I decided to try carving a 3D one out of a string cheese. It was very easy, and worked out so well that I had a go at doing a bird as well (mice and birds being Cinderella's only friends at the beginning of the story).


The After Shot:

This one was a no-brainer. She already likes everything that was in it, and loved the Cinderella theme. The cheese animals went first, which I must admit to feeling quite gratified about!

To see what other mums fed their small people this week, check out The Muffin Tin Mom's blog.


Tima said...

Wow!!!! Those are fabulous.

Amanda said...

love it! that string cheese bird and mouse are fab.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love your cheese animals! The tin and bento box both look great!

kewkew said...

The cheese animals are adorable. So creative. Love the Cinderella theme.

SnoopyGirl said...

What an adorable tin and bento celebrating Cinderella. Your cheese animals are sooooo cute! Nice work my dear! :-)

Little Wonders' Days said...

You always have the best muffin tins!

nest full of eggs said...

wow, it turned out great ~ looks like it was a lot of work

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