Monday, August 1, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday On A Stick

So I had grand plans for this week's Muffin Tin - it was going to be a super-cute Very Hungry Caterpillar tin. But I didn't have pears. Or grapes. Or plums. And the orange that looked so nice on top while it sat in my fruit bowl was mouldy underneath. Grr.

So instead I took inspiration from the Muffin Tin Mom herself, and did this Muffin Tin On A Stick!

Top Row: Banana and strawberry kebab; Yoghurt with vanilla and toasted coconut; Sherbet straw from The Muffin's loot bag stash.

Bottom Row: Banana and strawberry kebab; Green sauce; Three-cheese and salami kebab.

The green sauce is really just a kind of pureed cucumber raita - yoghurt, cucumber, salt, lemon juice - oh, and a few spinach leaves ('cause I sneak them into Everything whenever I can). All zoomed up with my trusty stick blender.

The three cheeses in the three-cheese and salami kebab were "normal cheese" (tasty cheddar), "mouse cheese" (Jarlsberg - because of the holes), and "bocconcini" (bocconcini). I know, right? She makes up names for the easy ones, but manages the big words with nary a stumble. Cracks me up.

The After Shot:

She ate the lot, with the exception of the green sauce, which went untouched. She said she forgot about it while eating her savoury skewer, which I believe, because she was very interested in all the cheeses. She did not like the Jarlsberg ("Mummy, the mouse cheese tastes funny. It tastes weird. I don't like it"), but amazingly, she said she liked the bocconcini. She has tried this several times before, and never ever liked it before. What can I say? Therein lies the power of Muffin Tin Monday, I guess.

Pinpointing her favourite bit - the yoghurt with vanilla and toasted coconut.

To see what other lucky kids had this week, go to The Muffin Tin Mom's blog. And to see more cupcakes, come back here later this week!


JDaniel4's Mom said...

Lunch on a stick is such a great idea!

Sharla said...

Great ideas! I like the green sauce idea, though am not sure that my kids would try it.

Sugary Flower said...

Sharla - my girl will try nearly anything that involves yoghurt. We have this sauce with curries, along with yellow rice, naan or paratha bread, dal, banana raita, etc - that way, The Muffin still gets a decent dinner even though she can't eat the curry itself.

The Davidson Den said...

I think this was, by far, my favorite MTM post this week! Maybe because of the bocconcini bit! haha! Beautiful meal!!

Sugary Flower said...

Aww, thanks Lori!
And thanks to the other ladies for your nice comments, too.

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